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Business Office Professional

We have created a new service that has combined the best of breed document management and business process management and wrapped it up into a package that is affordable for all businesses.

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Process Management

Is your business or organization having trouble getting your processes completed timely and accurately? Is the accountability in the process to ensure that when tasks are not getting done you can easily know about it? How about streamlining your processes to save time and money?


Laserfiche Rio

What’s the IT Department to do when leadership teams want centralized processes to mitigate risks and optimize costs, but employees don’t want to use an inflexible system that forces them all to work the same way?

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Laserfiche Avante

Professional ECM suite for small to medium organizations with fewer than 100 users: offers a simple and affordable pricing structure with servers that are sold individually.

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Latest News

Advanced Laserfiche Searching

The Laserfiche Advanced Search Syntax allows you to perform powerful and flexible searches to find exactly the documents you need. This makes it a popular topic for questions and suggestions on Laserfiche Answers
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Google Chrome has broken Microsoft Exchange OWA

Recent updates to Google Chrome have broken functionality in Microsoft Exchange OWA.  The below is a temporary fix until Microsoft releases an update.
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Where Are the Little Efficiencies?

The City of Hampton, VA describes how you can use existing resources to save even more money and time with your Laserfiche system.

The budget crunch is upon all of us, and, as a result, we’re all looking at where the little efficiencies are to stretch our existing dollars as far as possible. With Laserfiche there are many aspects to consider when making decisions. Repositories and licenses cost money. So does scanning. How can we best use our existing resources?
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Your First Laserfiche Project

Michael Wells, Lead Computer Analyst from Chesterfield County, VA, shares advice on setting up your first Laserfiche project.

Tackling your first Laserfiche project may seem like a daunting task, because there are many details to keep in mind before and during implementation. Here are a number of tips for new administrators to ensure a smooth first deployment.
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Lserfiche Case Studies

Lindsay Unified S.D. Purchases Laserfiche Avante

On June 19, Appleby & Co., Inc., based in Fresno, CA, closed a deal with the Lindsay Unified School District (LUSD) for a 20-user Laserfiche Avante system with Quick Fields, real-time lookup and Web Access to conclude a three-week sales cycle.
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Dallas Dermatologists “Bring Documents to Life”

If you’ve been in business for more than 50 years, chances are you’ve got a number of time-tested best practices that help your organization operate efficiently. Such was certainly the case for Dallas Associated Dermatologists, a nine-physician dermatology practice that logs roughly 75,000 patient encounters a year.
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