For any organization, extending information access can be a challenge. Yet it’s the key to increasing profitability, maximizing productivity and reducing operating costs.

Avante combines sophisticated yet intuitive document management with powerful workflow automation to accelerate the flow of information throughout your organization—all while simplifying purchasing, administration and support.

Laserfiche Workflow integrates both electronic and scanned paper documents into the flow of your enterprise-wide business processes, so you enhance productivity and optimize business processes.

Workflow automatically moves, copies or deletes documents based on predetermined rules you design, while automatic e-mail notifications ensure prompt action and simplify supervision.

But Workflow is much more than a digital paper shuffle:

  • Using an intuitive interface, you transform your current business processes into digital workflows. Each workflow can involve as many steps as you need, and you can trigger another workflow at any stage in a document’s life cycle.
  • You can perform any number of actions on a document as part of the workflow, from changing its security access to automatically assigning metadata. And in addition to routing documents from one user to the next, you can choose from a variety of other distribution options, such as routing documents to groups, parallel routing and conditional looping.
  • You can configure Workflow to e-mail users when an item requires their attention. Workflow can also automatically notify supervisors of user action or inaction, as well as reroute items in the event of user inactivity.
  • Comprehensive reporting functionality enables you to quickly determine which workflows are running and where a particular document is located in a workflow.
  • Workflow is built on the Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) engine provided with the .NET Framework 3.0, which opens a number of possibilities for integration with your other line-of-business applications.
  • It’s easy to write custom scripts in C# or VB.NET using Workflow’s built-in script editor. You can also export your Laserfiche workflows as Windows workflow definitions and use Visual Studio .NET to incorporate them into your own Windows workflows.

Suppose you’re a sole proprietor with a large quantity of invoices, which you generate using Microsoft Excel. You might send these invoices to the Laserfiche repository using the Send to Laserfiche feature or Snapshot, then, using Workflow, automatically route them to an “Awaiting Action” folder. Then, when you’ve performed an action on an invoice, such as setting its Status field to “Payment Due,” Workflow can route that invoice to a particular folder and perform other actions, such as e-mailing the invoice to a client along with notification that their invoice is due. Then, once you’ve received payment, you might set the document’s status to “Paid,” upon which Workflow could take further action. And if 30 days pass without payment, Workflow could generate a reminder e-mail to your client.

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