Custom Parameters with ObjectDataSource and SqlDataSource

Found a decent article about custom parameters for data sources in ASP.NET.  It was written by Eilon Lipton who has been on the ASP.NET team for quite a while at Microsoft.  The article discuss how to insert your own custom parameters and has easy examples and a good explanation.

How to Setup LogMeIn Secondary Users

LogMeIn is a platform that we use internally for our own computers as well as all our clients. One of the most useful features of the LogMeIn offering is the ability to setup a secondary user to allow access to one or more computers in your account.  It is pretty easy to setup this feature. By creating Secondary Users in … Read More

Lenovo Discounts

Found some discounts on Lenovo laptops (and some desktops) and thought I would pass it along. Promo Code: USPENTERAIN3 Save an additional 10% + Free Shipping There are some pretty decent laptops available.

Creating Insert Statements for SQL Server

Ran across an interesting approach to generating insert statements for SQL Server 2005 (and other variants).  If uses a less well known function called master.dbo.fn_varbintohexstr. The approach that was taken was to use the fn_varbintohexstr function to encode the data so you did not need to use cursors or any fancy parsing to handle unicode and quotes in the generated … Read More

ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit Samples

Most of you probably have already experimented with the Control Toolkit, but just in case you never ran across it, take a look at these Toolkit samples If you have any questions about them, drop me a comment here.

Calculating Age in T-SQL

Here’s a decent article on calculating the age of a person (or anything else) written by Lynn Pettis.  Discusses some pitfalls with leap years.

Using and Managing SQL Server Aliases

I know that not many people I have met in my SQL Server experience have used SQL Aliases.  In many ways it is one of the most useful features of SQL Server.   Roman Rehak wrote a great article about SQL Server Aliases.  You have to be registered to see the full article, but some of the highlights are discussed below. … Read More

Great Script for Accessing IIS Configuration Properties

Need to extract information from IIS such as IP Addresses, Host Headers, Log Directories and lots more. This great little script from David Wang does a great job of this.  It saved me hours and hours of work going through all my IIS servers manually. Thanks David!