Laserfiche software has been utilized by over 35,000 organizations (including Fortune 1000 companies and the US Department of Defense) all across the world for improved document management and business flow management.

What Can Laserfiche Do For You?

  • Save you costs that go right to your bottom line
    • Savings in personnel time
    • Savings in file storage
    • Savings in printing and copying
    • Savings in compliance costs
    • Savings in auditing costs
    • Savings in document request costs
    • Savings through automation of repeatable work processes
  • Remove compliance concerns
    • Be it government mandates or human resources files Laserfiche facilitates compliance and record keeping
  • Improve efficiency
    • Not only the ability to do more with less, but to do more easily and with fewer steps
  • Security
    • Dept of Defense certified security and the ability to back up on CD’s or DVD’s, Laserfiche insures continuity of operation in any situation.

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