Quick Fields 8.3 Introduces PDF Form Processing

We are pleased to announce the release of Laserfiche Quick Fields 8.3 in English, Arabic, Chinese (simplified and traditional), French, Portuguese (Brazilian) and Spanish.

Quick Fields 8.3 is a major product release that introduces two new exciting PDF features:

  • The ability to convert any scanned PDF file into a Laserfiche image document.
  • A new Retrieve PDF Form Content process that extracts values from a PDF form and stores them as tokens that can be applied anywhere in Quick Fields that uses tokens, such as field values, document location and document name.

Quick Fields 8.3 also includes updates to existing features, such as:

  • Annotations: Text stamp now allows users to create a stamp out of any text string or token, to add a text box as a fixed annotation to any document and to choose between making applied annotations public, protected or private.
  • Versioning: Quick Fields 8.3 supports Laserfiche 8.3 version control, allowing users to configure how new documents sent to Quick Fields are merged with existing documents and to place new documents under version control.
  • Region settings that accommodate different page sizes: Quick Fields processes or image enhancements now permit users to define zones using percentages, allowing the process to read the same zone no matter how the image size changes.
  • Expanded token support: List fields now allow users to edit tokens and set values using a combination of tokens and text. Additionally, users may apply field tokens during the Storage Processing stage.