Preview of Drag and Drop in Laserfiche Web Access

The release of Web Access 8.4 will definitely give you the ability to drag documents right into your Web Access repository. This provides you an additional means to bring in records without needing to browse for them one by one in the Import dialog box.

This feature is supported in Google Chrome (version 20 and higher) and Mozilla Firefox (version 11 and higher) only because these Web browsers support HTML5. Internet Explorer additionally supports HTML5, however does not support other features needed to use the drag and drop functionality. With the new drag and drop method, you will still be able to perform all activities that you can possibly do using the original import technique.

Note: All file types are supported. However, you can not import folders utilizing drag and drop.

Note: Since this is a preview, the details and appearances of certain elements may change between now and the final release.

To bring in documents utilizing drag and drop

  • Make sure Web Access is open in Chrome or Firefox and that you have already browsed to the place in Windows Explorer which contains the files you wish to import.
  • Locate the documents you want to import on your computer. Position Windows Explorer and Web Access so you can see both programs.
  • Choose the file (s) you wish to import and drag them to the Web Access Contents Pane. You will see a box which states “Drop files here!” as well as the destination path. Drop the files in addition to that box. If you drop them anywhere else, the import will not work.