Capture on the Go: How PhotoDocs Can Save You Time

PhotoDocs is great for working with documents all of sorts, but it’s also a lifesaver for people who don’t work with “documents” at all.

Imagine the case of a property inspector. A large part of an inspector’s job is to take pictures of properties. When the inspector gets back to the office, he will want to add the pictures to the organization’s Laserfiche repository. To do so, he could plug in the camera, drag all the photos onto the hard drive, create new folders for each property, move each photo into the appropriate folder, drag and drop each folder into the Laserfiche repository and manually select the appropriate template for each batch of documents.

But for a process that’s repeated daily, that rigmarole gets tiresome pretty fast. If the inspector is smart, he’ll configure PhotoDocs so that all he needs to do is plug in the camera.

Nearly every aspect of PhotoDocs can be completely automated. PhotoDocs can be configured to:

  • Launch automatically when a camera or phone is plugged in.
  • Import all or only certain pictures onto the device.
  • Sort photos into distinct documents based on pre-configured time intervals, image count or the presence of slip sheets.
  • Rotate, crop, de-colorize, adjust for brightness and OCR photos.
  • Assign metadata templates and field information to photos.
  • Store the documents without the user having to press any buttons.

Automation is obviously good news for property inspectors, but it’s also great news for any organization that works with photographs regularly. Users can just plug in the camera and watch Laserfiche work.