Below are our Exchange Hosting Price Sheet. There are discounts available for multiple mailboxes. The prices below are monthly prices. If you are interested in this service, please contact us at or call us at 347-534-1422.

Exchange FeaturesStandardAdvancedElite
Mailbox with Outlook License/Download (per user)$10.25$13.00$17.25
Mailbox without Outlook License/Download (per user)$8.75$11.50$15.75
Mailbox Storage (per user)25 GBUNLIMITEDUNLIMITED
Additional Mailbox Storage (5GB increment)$3.60NOT APPLICABLENOT APPLICABLE
Directory Link (AD Sync)FREEFREEFREE
Blackberry (per device)$11.00$11.00$11.00
AcitveSync/BlackBerry Remote WipeFREEFREEFREE
Public Folder1 FREE1 FREE3 FREE
$7.50/addt’l top level folder$7.50/addt’l top level folder$7.50/addt’l top level folder
Unlimited subfoldersUnlimited subfoldersUnlimited subfolders
Resource Mailboxes (per mailbox)$5.401 FREE, $5.40 addt’l3 FREE, $5.40 addt’l
Company Disclaimer$15.00FREEFREE
MessageMirror Archiving (25GB of storage)$36.00FREEFREE
Additional MessageMirror Storage (5GB increment)$6.00$6.00$6.00
Compliant Archiving Enablement$36/per companyFREEFREE
(Compliant archiving third party fees apply)
Retention Policies (per user)FREEFREEFREE
Wireless Policies (per user)FREEFREEFREE