Several years ago one of our clients wanted to send us a multi-gigabyte (yes, gigabyte, not megabyte) file.  We tried using FTP, but that did not handle large files very well.  It is also very cumbersome for people that were not used to using an FTP client.   So in the end we had to burn the data onto a DVD and send it via  U.S. Mail or FedEx.   Not only was this time consuming, but the overall process slowed down our turnaround time drastically.

This sparked us to create a solution which allows our clients to upload one more files at a time with effectively an unlimited size.  The application is fast, secure and very easy to use.  When files are uploaded an email is sent to let us know that a file has been transferred so we can pick it up and process it as needed.

Since we have created this application some of our clients have asked to use it within their own businesses.  That is when we launched it as

The two most popular industries we have found for this particular solution are commercial printers and construction companies.  In the commercial printer case they often need to receive large files for color printing.  In the construction case they have a need to receive plans and related documents which require fast approval so that the overall project does not slow down.  There might be other industries we have not yet discovered that would have a great need for this solution.

“My Printing Company has been using Quarksoft’s service since its inception.  Our clients are able to upload complex graphic files by collecting their data properly and concisely in one folder, and this eliminates time consuming, complicated usage of FTP clients.  By using our customized Upload portal, clients who are not versed in the uploading of files are able to become instant experts, and we are able to get our files properly.  Also, by not using an FTP client, our FTP site is accessible only to our staff, and clients are not seeing whose files are already on the FTP site.  We highly recommend

-Peter D. Savitt, President, Zenith Color Communications Group, Inc.  New York.

This is a fully customized service that will have a “landing” page with your logo and contact information.  The service is available for as little as $49 per month.   A sample of the customized screen is shown to the right.  If you are interested in this service, please call us at 347-534-1422 and ask for our “Customized File Transfer Service” or fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page.

FM Kelly Construction Group, Inc. is a general contracting company in New York City.  We hire subcontractors for construction projects that we manage.  As part of that process we need to distribute architectural and design drawings to over a dozen subcontractors per project.  Years ago a physical drawing would be exchanged between the printer, general contractor and subcontractor.  Today, these files are produced electronically.  Unfortunately, at 30-40 MB per set of drawings, you can’t distribute them via e-mail.  FM Kelly uses FileXfer to securely load these files to a web site for distribution to our subcontractors.  Our staff performs this function in a matter of seconds per project and our subcontractors know where to look for the work and don’t need to remember passwords or understand how to use clunky FTP software.  FileXfer by Quarksoft has provided FM Kelly major efficiency gains.

-Joe Barbera, Chief Financial Officer, FM Kelly Construction Group, Inc.  New York

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