ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit Samples

Most of you probably have already experimented with the Control Toolkit, but just in case you never ran across it, take a look at these Toolkit samples If you have any questions about them, drop me a comment here.

Using and Managing SQL Server Aliases

I know that not many people I have met in my SQL Server experience have used SQL Aliases.  In many ways it is one of the most useful features of SQL Server.   Roman Rehak wrote a great article about SQL Server Aliases.  You have to be registered to see the full article, but some of the highlights are discussed below. … Read More

Some more command line fun – sending email

After all the work I did with the dates in the environment variable I had a need to email the files I was working with.  Found a really GREAT command line utility that allows for sending email from a batch file.  It has nearly endless options and took about 2 minutes to setup and get working in our environment.  It’s … Read More