Oops… Forgot to add the attachment to your email?

You know you have done it before.  The second you hit send you realized you forgot to attach the all important photo, spreadsheet or document.   Here is a way to delay the sending of the email so you can grab it before it goes out to everyone you sent it to.  We are going to assume you are using Outlook, but the same thing can be done with most email clients that support the Rules concepts.

  • Open Outlook
  • Click on the Tools menu and then Rules & Alerts.
  • Click on New Rule “Start from a blank rule”.
  • Click in Step 1 box, “Check message after sending”.
  • Next, click on “On this machine only”.
  • Next, Click in Step 1 box, “Defer delivery by a number of minutes”.
  • Click in Step 2 box, “a number of” enter the number of minutes. 
  • Click on OK, click on Finish.

Now, when you click on Send, your message will be held for however many minutes you selected before being sent.  After sending an email if you realize there is something that needed to be changed, you just click on the Outbox, then click on the message to open, make any changes and click on send again.   This technique has saved me numerous times from being “stupid”.