Fix Outlook Web Access (OWA) on Windows 7 and Vista

There is an issue using OWA on Windows 7 and Windows Vista which makes Outlook Web Access (OWA) unusable.  To fix this requires a hotfix to be installed on the Exchange Server.  The details of this hotfix can be found at the below link:

Oops… Forgot to add the attachment to your email?

You know you have done it before.  The second you hit send you realized you forgot to attach the all important photo, spreadsheet or document.   Here is a way to delay the sending of the email so you can grab it before it goes out to everyone you sent it to.  We are going to assume you are using Outlook, … Read More

Some more command line fun – sending email

After all the work I did with the dates in the environment variable I had a need to email the files I was working with.  Found a really GREAT command line utility that allows for sending email from a batch file.  It has nearly endless options and took about 2 minutes to setup and get working in our environment.  It’s … Read More