Tips and Tricks for Administrators

Justin Pava, Software Release Manager, and Jeanie Conner, Software QA Engineer, at Laserfiche share some tips on security, fields, reporting and more. Security Security is a vital component of administering your Laserfiche system. Always set up security by group, even if it is a group of one, in order to make it easier to adjust the settings if people decide … Read More

Plan a Laserfiche Implementation with Advice from Fresno County

Vito Filippi, Systems & Procedures Analyst from the Fresno County Assessor-Recorder’s Office, shares strategies for planning a Laserfiche implementation. If you are a new Laserfiche customer, your Laserfiche implementation may seem like a daunting task with many variables to consider. Here are some strategies to help you formulate an effective implementation plan. The Five Ws In order to develop an … Read More

How Fresno County Organizes its Laserfiche Repository

Vito Filippi, Systems & Procedures Analyst from the Fresno County Assessor-Recorder’s Office, shares advice for working with documents, templates and folders. After implementing Laserfiche, it is time to think about how to integrate it into your organization’s business processes. Designing an organized repository, which allows users to effectively search for, share, access and archive information, is key. Here are some … Read More

Best Practices in Laserfiche Security

Connie Anderson, Technical Writer at Laserfiche, walks through best practices in setting up security within Laserfiche. When setting up security, each Laserfiche repository will be different and have different requirements to consider. Without careful planning and regular updates as your site grows and changes, your system may become chaotic and unsecured. To keep this from happening, have the following recommendations … Read More

How to Plan an Effective Laserfiche Integration

Learn effective strategies for approaching, planning and researching a Laserfiche integration. What is an integration? An integration is the process of linking together different software applications functionally to act as a coordinated whole within the context of a business process. The goal of an integration is fluid communication that allows multiple systems to talk to each other as needed based … Read More

How to Make Sure Your Employees Maintain an Organized Repository

The Township of Springwater in Ontario, Canada, shares its Records and Information Management Quick Reference Guide for employees. In order to help familiarize our employees with Laserfiche, and to keep them abreast of company policy, we’ve developed a Quick Reference Guide for Records and Information Management. Printed on card stock and kept together with a ring, employees can easily open … Read More

How the Township of Springwater Got Everyone On Board with Laserfiche

Tony Persson, IT Coordinator, and Jennett Mays, EA/Communications Coordinator, at the Township of Springwater, ON, share how the Springwater Records team (which also included John Daly, Director of Corporate Services and Clerk and Karen Way, Administration Assistant) successfully secured Laserfiche buy-in with everyone from the Township Council to end users. When we finally got the go-ahead to implement Laserfiche at … Read More

Capture Strategies in Laserfiche

Brett Hickinbotham, Presales Engineer at Laserfiche, walks through the various capture tools in Laserfiche along with their use cases. Capture—the process of getting data into Laserfiche—is an integral part of many business processes. The sooner documents are stored in Laserfiche, the sooner they become auditable, available to other users and subject to record retention rules. Here are the various capture … Read More

How to Diagram Your Business Process

Contributed by:Kacy McKibben, Solutions Engineer, Laserfiche A business process is a set of activities or tasks that accomplish a specific organizational goal. By automating business processes using Laserfiche Workflow, organizations around the world have increased productivity and cut costs. Before you jump into your Workflow implementation, however, it is vitally important to diagram your business processes to ensure that they … Read More

Introduction to the Laserfiche SDK

Contributed by:Joanna Slusarz, Technical Writer, Laserfiche The Laserfiche SDK is a powerful software development toolkit that allows you to extend your enterprise content management capabilities with the creation of custom solutions. It is the same programming interface that Laserfiche developers use to develop all client-facing applications. Here are some ways to use the Laserfiche SDK. SDK libraries The Laserfiche SDK … Read More