How Franklin County Implemented Laserfiche across the Enterprise

Franklin County, PA, has a population of 140,000, and we have 900 employees spread over 52 different departments. We first implemented Laserfiche in the Commissioner’s Office in 2000 to cut down on paper storage. Since then, Laserfiche has spread to 35 other departments with more in the pipeline. Here is how we have implemented Laserfiche Rio across our organization. 36 … Read More

Advice for a Successful Laserfiche Implementation

Shareholders Service Group (SSG) is a broker-dealer based in San Diego, CA, serving over 1,000 registered independent advisors. These advisors give us authority to do trading on their accounts and perform other services ranging from debiting their management fee to opening new accounts. Here is how we deployed and implemented Laserfiche in order to optimize customer service while abiding by … Read More

How to Design your First Laserfiche Workflow

How to Design your First Laserfiche Workflow Learn how to get started with Laserfiche Workflow without being intimidated with advice from Amy Johnson, Systems Administrator at Hanover County’s Commissioner’s Office. Contributed by:Amy Johnson, Systems Administrator, Hanover County As the Systems Ad­min­is­tra­tor in the Com­mis­sioner of the Revenue’s Office, I de­signed and im­ple­mented the de­part­ment’s work­flows myself. (The IT de­part­ment at … Read More

How to Debug your Laserfiche Workflow Design

How to Debug your Laserfiche Workflow Design Administrators: learn how to investigate and diagnose issues in your Laserfiche Workflow designs. Contributed by:Joanna Slusarz, Technical Writer, Laserfiche Laser­fiche Work­flow is a won­der­ful tool for au­tomat­ing busi­ness processes within your or­ga­ni­za­tion, yet some­times even the most thought-through work­flows can func­tion in un­ex­pected ways. Al­though some of these prob­lems may be related to … Read More

How to use Regular Expressions in Laserfiche Quick Fields

Contributed by:Joanna Slusarz, Technical Writer, Laserfiche Regular ex­pres­sions (also known as Pattern Match­ing ex­pres­sions) are a way of defin­ing pat­terns in in­for­ma­tion by using special symbols. In Laser­fiche Quick Fields, these ex­pres­sions can be used to iden­tify doc­u­ments or extract in­for­ma­tion in order to prop­erly pop­u­late fields or set the doc­u­ment lo­ca­tion in the Laser­fiche repos­i­tory. Dif­fer­ent types of char­ac­ters, … Read More

Migrate Documents to Laserfiche in a Batch

Once your organization has purchased and deployed Laserfiche, it is time to decide what to do with all the legacy files. Paper files will need to be scanned, but what about all those documents residing on your network drives? Here is how the City of Laserland migrated its network files in a batch to a repository with Laserfiche Quick Fields. … Read More

How the City of Lakewood Created a Digital Archive Group

Contributed by:Greg Buchanan, Records Analyst, Lakewood, CO The city of Lake­wood, CO, com­prises a mul­ti­tude of de­part­ments and di­vi­sions, each with its own daily con­cerns, in­ter­ests and ways of using Laser­fiche. In order to main­tain con­sis­tency within the Laser­fiche repos­i­to­ries and provide a place to express con­cerns and ideas, the city im­ple­mented a digital archive group (DAG). What is the … Read More