How to use Regular Expressions in Laserfiche Quick Fields

Contributed by:Joanna Slusarz, Technical Writer, Laserfiche Regular ex­pres­sions (also known as Pattern Match­ing ex­pres­sions) are a way of defin­ing pat­terns in in­for­ma­tion by using special symbols. In Laser­fiche Quick Fields, these ex­pres­sions can be used to iden­tify doc­u­ments or extract in­for­ma­tion in order to prop­erly pop­u­late fields or set the doc­u­ment lo­ca­tion in the Laser­fiche repos­i­tory. Dif­fer­ent types of char­ac­ters, … Read More

Tech Tip: Using Advanced Search to Locate Missing Documents

Many companies have specific required documents that must be saved in a certain repository, such as employment contracts for every employee or manifests for a shipment. Locating missing documents of a specific type can be a time-consuming challenge when users have to double-check folders and verify that the correct documents are on file.

Tech Tip: Linking to Entries in Web Access

With the release of the latest version of Laserfiche Web Access 9.0.1, the users can now right-click a specific entry and select Copy Link to have the URL automatically saved on to the clipboard.

How to Design an Effective Laserfiche Document Template

A field stores information about a particular Laserfiche entry (document or folder). It is possible to apply fields to specific entries by using templates, which are collections of related fields. An entry can only have one template assigned to it, but each template can contain multiple fields.