Your First Laserfiche Project

Michael Wells, Lead Computer Analyst from Chesterfield County, VA, shares advice on setting up your first Laserfiche project. Tackling your first Laserfiche project may seem like a daunting task, because there are many details to keep in mind before and during implementation. Here are a number of tips for new administrators to ensure a smooth first deployment.

Where Are the Little Efficiencies?

The City of Hampton, VA describes how you can use existing resources to save even more money and time with your Laserfiche system. The budget crunch is upon all of us, and, as a result, we’re all looking at where the little efficiencies are to stretch our existing dollars as far as possible. With Laserfiche there are many aspects to … Read More

New Users: Organize Your Repository with Advice from the City of Niagara Falls

Bill Matson, Records and Elections Coordinator for the City of Niagara Falls, ON, offers tips for implementing a logical file structure, setting up templates and fields and finding a Laserfiche “Champion” in each department.  “I tell people that Laserfiche is a great system—you just have to make sure you’re using it correctly.”

Scanning Best Practices

Rosalind Collins, Deputy Commissioner of Revenue for the City of Charlottesville, VA offers some practical advice on efficiently and effectively scanning documents into the Laserfiche repository. Scanning documents requires much more than just running them through a scanner and sending them into Laserfiche. Configuring the scanning session, preparing the documents and quality control are equally important to—if not more important … Read More

The Art of Searching

Rosalind Collins, Deputy Commissioner of Revenue for the City of Charlottesville, VA, provides a guide for effective and optimal searching in Laserfiche. Retrieving documents in the Laserfiche repository can be difficult without implementing a consistent folder structure, assigning intuitive folder/document names and effectively using Laserfiche search mechanisms. I have found that the following strategies will make finding documents efficient, fast … Read More

Zone OCR and the Art of Quick Fields Maintenance

The System Administrator for the City of St. Paul, MN, walks us through the best practices used in setting up a Quick Fields session. Our department works with three different types of documents on a regular basis: Agendas, Minutes, and Budget Minutes. We started with a Quick Fields session that processed around 25 pages a second. This may not sound … Read More

Tips and Tricks in the Workflow 8.3 Designer

Jacob Seene, Software Engineer at Laserfiche, walks through some tips and tricks that will help you get the most out of Workflow 8.3. Workflow is a very efficient tool that helps automate and improve various business processes. Workflow 8.3 offers numerous enhancements over the previous version. Here are some tips and tricks to help you get the most out of some of … Read More

Repository Design Essentials

Ege Ersoz, Presales Engineer at Laserfiche, outlines some best practices for designing your Laserfiche repository. Information and data are central and critical assets in every organization. We search for, secure, share, remotely access and archive information daily. A disorganized repository can hinder such operations leading to wasted time, reduced productivity and employee frustration. While most repositories start out clean and … Read More

Create Your Own Cost-Benefit Analysis

Help other departments decide to adopt Laserfiche by creating a cost-benefit analysis with advice from Helen San Pedro, Information Technology Department Manager at PSALM Corporation. Securing Laserfiche buy-in from all departments within a large organization can be a challenge. One way to encourage others to adopt Laserfiche is to demonstrate a clear return-on-investment (ROI). Here is how we created a … Read More

Tips and Tricks for Administrators

Justin Pava, Software Release Manager, and Jeanie Conner, Software QA Engineer, at Laserfiche share some tips on security, fields, reporting and more. Security Security is a vital component of administering your Laserfiche system. Always set up security by group, even if it is a group of one, in order to make it easier to adjust the settings if people decide … Read More